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Sharing Economy in Hong Kong

Uber and Airbnb came to Hong Kong around 2015. After two and a half years, they are still fighting against the government on the laws and regulations on the legitimacy of their services in Hong Kong. After tons of sting... Continue Reading →


Sharing Economy help to solve the problems in our society

With the name “economy”, Sharing Economy is not simply related to business only. Somehow there are companies out there are helping the society. Their presences solve some problems that are deeply rooted inside Hong Kong.Three companies including bike-sharing company,... Continue Reading →

HK sharing Economy: What mine is yours

From eBay to second hand clothing store, many Hong Kong people are willing to buy used things instead of new things. From this article, we are not going to talk about second hand stuffs, but a more innovative idea on... Continue Reading →

Will sharing economy put traditional business in thread?

Uber drivers being arrested, Airbnb hosts arrested through sting operations. On the other hand, local taxi owners and operators protested for fair treatment on car hiring services. Fast-growing share economy has been created and they now offer an alternative choice... Continue Reading →

No one can escape from the damage of Cultural Revolution, even the Red Guards

      By Aaron Au       April 22, 2016 HONGKONG – Not many things can endure through Cultural Revolution 50 years ago in China. Idioms is one of the culture remains after the 10 years sociopolitical movement. The most frequently quoted idiom in... Continue Reading →

Operation Santa Claus: Hong Kong youngsters with special needs go for goal in soccer fundraiser

Donning white and blue jerseys, 12 children with intellectual disabilities bask in joy and pride on a bright sunny day as they play a soccer game for a Christmas fundraiser. Video: Full story by SCMP:

VIdeo: ‘Same, Different ?’ interview with The Siu Twinz

  “You have to be different.” The Siu Twinz said.   The Siu Twinz, Jason Siu and Philip Siu are identical twins. They were born in Hong Kong, but raised in New Zealand. Unlike most of the teenagers, they left... Continue Reading →

Twitter – the news platform This is a report (by storify) on analyzing three journalists' works twitter and a personal review of a journalism student when he use the twitter.

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